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Advanced – Online

by admin | May 7, 2019
  • Class 5 Advanced Insurance Reduction Program
  • 15 hours online
  • 6 hours on-road training

All the specifications of this online course resemble to that of in class advanced session but the educational part has to be acquired while remaining at your premises. Typically, this cost a little more than that of regular courses for the extra efforts to upload the content timely and precisely. Our exclusively affordable driving lessons are best to reinforce your existing driving skills in accordance to successfully pass final class 5GDL license test.

Online training – Students can complete an online course at their own pace with-in 30 days. This online course consists of numerous presentations explaining various traffic laws and safe driving techniques. At the conclusion of every module, the student must pass a module test(quiz). Students are taught collision avoidance techniques, vehicle maintenance and safe driving techniques as per Alberta transportation curriculum. There are visual presentations, power-points, slides and videos to ensure our students get every learning opportunity.

On road training – After getting through this basic course you will be well-versed in all traffic laws. We make sure our students are familiar with vehicle control, pre-trip and basic habits. We teach left/right turns, dual left turns, hill/perpendicular parking, lane changing, free way driving, traffic circles, and all other techniques needed for safe driving. Our certified instructors provide one-on-one training and they emphasis on potential tactics of handling the vehicle in all complex driving scenarios. Our students are continually assessed and evaluated to be given feedback for what they need to work on.

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